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Finally, I’m back after a long time not writing,,
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Download OST Kkotboda Namja…..!!!!

Download OST You Are My Destiny, where Yoona here get awards as breakthrough actrees…

this is full album from You Are My Destiny Korean Drama

just click this link and download and enjoy


This song from Sung Shi Kyung – Who Do You Love?


Download OST Boys Before Flowers (Kkotboda Namja) season 1….

I really like all of these songs…


Nah, this is the OST of Boys Before Flowers (Kkotboda Namja) season 2…

all of songs in these drama so makes me relax…

I do love song singing by Kara – Love Is fire…

I do like it much…

and also AST’1 – Yearning My Heart i’m loving it so much..just listen all these songs…



I love korean songs…

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by Mhala Hyun…..


SS501 for You…

SS501 (pronounced as Double-S 501) is a  South Korean Boyband under management of Daesung Entertainment, also known as DSP Entertainment. SS501 stands for Superstar and unison of its 5 members until eternity (symbolized by the 0) as 1.

The original group, with all five members, is scheduled for a comeback in July 2009 and will have their Asia Tour starting at the same time. Asia Tour will include countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong was cast as the F4 member Hanazawa Rui in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, also known as Boys Before Flowers, which is scheduled to be broadcast via KBS 2TV in the first half of 2009 with a total of 24 episodes. According to an official from Group Eight, the production house in charge of the drama, Kim Hyun Joong was selected to play Rui, Ji Hoo (Korean ver.), because he was deemed suited for the character. The decision was based on his performance in the MBC program “We Got Married” where Kim Hyun Joong is being coupled with singer Hwangbo.

Due to two of the members’ busy schedules, Jungmin performing in a musical “Grease” and Hyun Joong filming a drama, SS501’s album, originally due for release in late 2008, was to be pushed back to July 2009. Instead, a subgroup SS501 was formed. They initially wanted to use Triple S as their group name but gave up the idea because they think that they are 5 members always as 1 no matter what, so they continued to release a special project album U R Man (released on November 25, 2008) under the name of SS501. Finishing their promotional activities for ‘U R Man’, they are currently promoting ‘내 머리가 나빠서 (Because I am stupid)’, a song they sang for the OST of ‘Boys Before Flowers’. This song is very well-received due to the success of the drama

They will release their 2nd Japanese album in May 2009 titled “All My Love”.

It was just noticed that member Kim Hyun Joong will go to America for a 6 month dance training in July.

ss501kim hyun joong





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Jang Ja yun, Boys Before Flowers Stunned by Suicide

It was another setback and a major one for Boys Before Flowers as one of the actresses, Jang Ja Yun (27) who plays Sunny in the drama and makes life difficult for Jandi as part of the JinSunMi trio was found to have committed suicide in her Bundang home today.

According to local police who confirmed the suicide, ” Jang Ja Yun was found to have committed suicide in her own home today. She was discovered at around 7.34pm by her sister who then called the police. We are now investigating the case and will give further updates like the reason, her will (if any), etc at a later time.” The police also revealed that her approximate time of death was around 4.30pm and that she had hung herself.

Friends who knew Jang Ja Yun were shocked by her suicide and expressed, “She had a passion for acting and loved it very much. She was very much a extrovert and we never really expected that she would commit suicide.” Her sudden suicide has plunged the entire Boys Before Flowers into shock with the main cast of Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Sun, etc unable to believe what they have heard after learning of the news from their respective companies.

Everyone involved with Boys Before Flowers will be paying their respects tomorrow morning at her wake after the morning session ends. According to someone at the filming site now, “We are still filming now (10pm, KST) and it was a big shock to receive this sad news suddenly. Why do all the bad things keep happening to Boys Before Flowers?”

Jang Ja Yun graduated from Chosun University and had made her debut through a Lotte Biscuit CF and was only starting out with her acting career. She still won a bit of popularity for her small role in Boys Before Flowers despite her late debut. But it’s being reported that a dispute with her present management agency and a lack of time in Boys Before Flowers had left her feeling depressed and eventually causing her to choose the wrong path.
She only recently walked the red carpet at the recent 45th Baeksang Awards with the other 2 members of the JinSunMi trio, showing her excellent figure. She was also going to debut on the big screen with 2 upcoming movies and the future looked bright but her sudden suicide has left people feeling pity for her. What could possibly get worse from here on for Boys Before Flowers? Jang Ja Yun joins a lengthening list of Korean celebrities who have committed suicide in recent years. It’s just a very sad situation overall.


Who Are You?


Ha..i’ve just watched Korean series drama titled “Who Are You?”
First, i know this drama when i heard “gi uk hal ge yo by Loveholic” song which is a OST of this series.
I like this plot so much, Yoon Kye Sang play as Cha Seung Hyo awesome and look so handsome,but with arrogant, suddenly he met Young Een (Go Ah Ra) who eleven years younger than him and falling in love with her because of the complicated relationship of Young Een’s father which has die and be a ghost..
Love this drama so much!!
Just watch it!!


uuurrgghh…so love Yoon Kye Sang,even thought he is now 30 old, I love him so much….

so cute person, when i see him, i also falling in love with him…

well, when i’ll meet him, ya??


SHINee News

Korea boasts a number of idol groups, especially young, pretty, talented boy bands, and SHINee is starting to steal the spotlight with their cute image, catchy music and chic fashion style.


The Korea Times met the group last week at their agency SM Entertainment, while middle and high school students waited in front of the building in the hope of getting a glimpse of the young stars.

The group_ Jong-hyun, Min-ho, Tae-min, O-new and Key_ entered the room with a “annyeonghaseyo!” (loud and clear.) The young singers looked tired from their hectic schedule, with blank expressions and sleepy eyes.

However, their eyes lit up when asked how they became singers, answering that their love for music gradually led them to the entertainment business.


“After watching K-pop singers like H.O.T. on television, I started to mimic their dance moves. I loved it, and it turned out that I was actually good and so I went for an audition,” Tae-min added.


Hanazawa Rui Vs Yoon Ji Hoo


Hanazawa Rui memang kereen…

Sifat dingin gak bersahabat tapi punya sifat yang gak tegaan dan peduli banget. teringat akan sosok “cool” ya..

palagi bisa maen biola..

tapi itu sosoknya Hanazawa Rui…

So, apakah Shun Oguri juga memiliki feel itu saat memerankan Hanazawa Rui di Hana Yori Dango?

Coba cermati peran yang dimainkan oleh Vic Zhou saat menjadi Hua Ce Lei, seakan terbawanya oleh kehidupan nyatanya saja.

Peran si tokoh yang menyukai wanita lebih tua darinya tetapi kemudian menyukai cewek yang disukai sahabatnya ini memang bikin cewek-cewek gelepar-gelapar.

bersikap hero, dan sangat protect terhadap kekasih tetapi juga lemah dalam hal percintaan.

hyunperan sama, tapi cara memainkannya berbeda. itulah yang perlu saya review, di versi Korea dan versi Jepangnya.

Yoo Ji Hoo yang dperankan oleh Kim Hyun Joong juga patut di acungin jempol walaupun dia selalu tebar senyum di sana sini filmnya. Mungkin emang gitu kali ya?

Cara dia ngomong tu seperti senyum aja…

Nah, tokoh yang paling didemenin ma cewek-cewek pecinta Boys Before Flowers manga, semoga tidak mengecewakan penonton.

Tapi kalo diperhatiin.. apa sih yang mirip dari mereka?

Sebelumnya juga raut wajah Goo Joon Pyo dan Dao Ming Tse….